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Today's cars, trucks, and SUVs appear built to last and provide Mapleton drivers with many, many miles of service. However, one of the best ways to keep your new vehicle working properly for a decade or more is to ensure that your vehicle receives regular service and repairs. You can personally carry out regular oil changes, and you may feel tempted to use an express business to carry out many of your service needs. However, you may put the health of your vehicle at risk by doing so instead of scheduling an appointment at a trusted service department.

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Why Choose Our Service Department?

Why should you have routine maintenance carried out at your dealership's service department when you could take an alternative? Service at a dealership is a little different from getting your vehicle serviced at an express place or doing it yourself. When you bring your vehicle to our dealership's service department, you're not getting "just an oil change." Our service technicians have a required list of issues to check out on vehicles. These services often include rotating tires and checking the health of your tires, as well as the tread life. We will change your filters on schedule, including the oil filter and the air filter. We'll check things like your brakes, all fluid levels, and more. You could consider bringing your vehicle to our dealership sort of like going into the doctor for a wellness check. Our service technicians want to make sure that your vehicle stays healthy, running safely, and to correct any issues before they become an actual problem on your Fort Fairfield commutes.

Why Choose Service by Certified Technicians?

There are many reasons why you should trust your dealership's service department to maintain your vehicle properly. Our service technicians demonstrate special training to work on the vehicles our dealership sells in Presque Isle. They will be aware of any recalls, any issues with parts, or a specific problem that our line of vehicles may be prone to experiencing. That means that when you bring your vehicle in for service, our service techs will be diligent in making sure your vehicle runs properly.

Next, our dealership stocks all the correct parts for your vehicle. Should our techs find an issue that needs correction while your vehicle is in our shop, we have the parts here at our facility. You will not have to wait a long time for a mechanic to order a part. We save you time when you use our dealership near Caribou for service.

Previously, we mentioned the idea of recalls. Our dealership's service department is routinely made aware of any recalls that might be necessary to your vehicle's health. Plus, when you bring in your vehicle for regular service, we make sure that, should there be any recalls necessary, we take care of those while your vehicle receives service. We want your vehicle to serve you the best way possible as you go about your daily travels in Mars Hill. This reason is why you'll get service that goes above and beyond.

Which Vehicles Do We Service?

If you purchase your vehicle, whether it is a car, sedan, truck, work vehicle, or SUV, we can carry out a high level of service for you. We carry the essential parts you need to maintain a healthy vehicle. Our service technicians stay trained so that we can not only ensure your best service but also carry it out expertly. We also offer service specials that save you money on upcoming maintenance and repairs.

How Do I Contact the Service Department and Schedule Service?

You can call our dealership and ask for the service department to schedule service, or you can utilize our handy online form to submit your information to make an appointment today. We'll ask you to provide some basic details about your car, truck, or SUV so that we can prepare for your vehicle's arrival. You can choose the date and time that falls within your desired timeframe. We look forward to making your car a safer place for you soon.

Need a tire rotation? Are your brakes ready for replacement? How about an oil change and coolant flush? You've come to the right place! The Percy's Auto Sales service staff is expertly trained in the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep brands and is eager to take on whatever service your vehicle may require.

You can give our Service Department a call at (888) 434-1416 or even stop by to schedule an appointment in person at 40 Houlton Road. Our website also allows easy appointment requests; simply fill out our online form! Once received, we will contact you to confirm your appointment time and ask any remaining questions related to your vehicle.


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